Muslim Wedding Service

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What is Muslim Wedding Service?

Muslim Wedding Service provides thoughtful, charismatic and well-spoken officiants who conduct culturally inclusive and spiritually uplifting nikah ceremonies. Along with the nikah ceremony, we provide couples with a personalized nikah contract and support in signing and filing marriage license documents. Additionally, we offer resources to couples to obtain pre-marital and newly-wed counseling.

What makes us unique?

At MWS, we work directly with our couples to learn about their background, families and their journey in coming together. We then design a nikah experience within an Islamic context that is inclusive of their life experiences. Our officiants craft their sermon around the needs and wishes of the couple while also ensuring the message will resonate with all those present in the ceremony.

How did we get started?

MWS was co-founded by Imam Khalid Latif. He, along with other members in the community, saw a need for officiants who can speak to the beauty of Islam within the context of marriage while also effectively addressing gatherings of various faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds. MWS was started as a way for couples who may not have access to nikah services in their local community to get connected with a qualified officiant and an organization that can provide these services. Over the past 5 years, our service has grown to a nation-wide scale with our officiants now having completed over 200 nikahs.

Where do we operate?

MWS operates in over 20 states, with a majority of our ceremonies occurring in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, and California. Our officiants are able to travel nation-wide and we also host ceremonies outside of the region and country on an ad-hoc basis.

Where do our proceeds go?

50% of all of our profits are donated to the Islamic Center at NYU which serves the NYC Muslim community both through social and spiritual programming as well as counseling and wellness services