nikah requirements

What is a nikah?

The Arabic word "Nikah" essentially means marriage or matrimony in English. It is a sacred and solemn social contract made between bride and groom.

What is required to be islamically married?

A Nikah must be performed between the bride and groom in order to be Islamically married. The requirements to complete a Nikah vary depending on the school of thought. In general, we work with our couples to ensure the following components are covered:

  1. Mutual agreement to marry between the bride and groom (Ijab-wa-Qubul)
  2. Two sane adult Muslim witnesses
  3. Mahr (gift) to be paid by the groom to the bride
  4. Guardian (wali) for the bride

Who can act as my wali(guardian)?

In general, the wali is usually the father of the bride. The wali is charged with ensuring the well-being of his daughter in all aspects of her life, including marriage. (If, for some reasion the father is unable to be present, there are exceptions to the rule. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss further).

Who performs the nikah?

The nikah is performed by one of our officiants.

legal questions

Does the nikah solemnize my marriage in my state?

The Nikah ceremony can be considered a legal marriage in your state if you are located in New York or New Jersey. You must obtain a marriage license from the city/county clerk before the day of the Nikah ceremony. We sign and submit the marriage license with the state for you.

The regulations of each state vary and if the couple is seeking to get married legally in their home state, then they must take the necessary steps to do so. We can solemnize marriages depending on the regulations of that particular state.

Does the nikah mean I am legally married?

No. The Nikah ceremony means you are Islamically married. You are not legally married until you obtain a marriage license from your local government, or go through the dedicated processes your local government has in place to legally marry its residents.

Do I need to obtain a marriage license along with my nikah?

If you would like Muslim Wedding Service to perform your nikah, we do require couples obtain a marriage license before or at the time of their nikah. This serves to ensure that your marriage is not only Islamically valid but also legal in the eyes of the law.

booking questions

Who uses Muslim Wedding Service?

Anyone who is seeking an eloquent, welcoming, and heartfelt marriage ceremony for diverse couples and guests.

How do i book your services?

Please fill out our booking form online located in our menu under Book Now.

Can i request a specific officiant?

Yes you can request a specific officiant in our BOOKING form when you fill out the booking form online under the "Additional Information" section.

What is the cost?

The cost for each nikah ceremony varies. Some factors we take into account include the location of the venue, any necessary travel or lodging arrangements as well as how much time in advance we have to prepare for the nikah. Our service strives hard in working with couples to provide a price that fits within their budget. We never turn couples away simply because of the cost.

How much time in advance should I book your services?

We request our couples to submit their booking forms at least 2-3 months in advance of the date of the nikah ceremony. This ensures we will have an adequate amount of time to secure an officiant, prepare the nikah contract and coordinate other logistics.

Does Muslim Wedding service perform nikahs in my state?

Our central office is located in New York City. We have marriage officiants located in California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our marriage officiants are available to travel nation-wide and we work with couples to ensure any travel and lodging costs are affordable.